Visiting NWPU

Visiting NWPU

Dr Yu picked us up at the airport at 6.40. A very productive day was arranged at NWPU. We visited the lab and testing facilities of NWPU. It is clear that a lot of resources is invested by the university in the development of small/cube satellites. They have developed, several components, built and launched several satellites, and also have their own ground station

We also met with several very good equipment manufacturers:

– Reaction Wheels: high quality, right size, reaction Wheels, long Life time tests

– Battery & Solar cells: high quality. Swedish satellites have used

– Transponder: High quality, robust, really designed for bigger space mission

We are very grateful for the positive response and interest in our project. We received a very nice gift, a replica of the emperors brass chariot found in the terracotta warrior burial site. All in all, an extremely productive day

Tomorrow is sightseeing. I am a history nerd (as well) so leaving Xi’an without visiting the Terra Cotta army is not an option.