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This is what’s going on. If nothing else is stated, updates are written by Per-Erik Atterwall, founder of Beyond Atlas.

Crowdfunding is live!

March 1, 2019 – and the crowdfunding is live!

The first mission is called “Meeting the Scrap” – because that is what we will do. We will navigate really close to space debris and take photos of it. This has never been done before!

The mission is of course also a test mission, to test navigation, propulsion, communication and lots of other things. But a very cool test mission – and if you donate you can get unique pictures of space debris, from a spacecraft you made happen.

So if you donate now, you will not only be a part of the asteroid mission – you will – but also of the first Meeting the Scrap mission. Very cool, right?

More info and donations you’ll find here.

More orders

Now it is signed, stamped and sealed.

I have just signed the purchase order for most of the spacecraft bus. It has been intense negotiations with GOM space. Feels like they have good stuff, but it is starting to become a big company in its goods and its not so goods. But I am very happy that we got here, and they have been extremely helpful in the process.

Not only are we buying most of the components from them, we are also buying all the software they can offer and our own ground station. It will be great, but this stung a little…

So now there is only a few pieces left to complete the spacecraft puzzle… and then we ”just” have to fit it all together.

Success! Support from Swedish National Space Agency


Great news indeed!

The Science team of Beyond Atlas at IRF, Uppsala Universitet and the Naturiska Riksmuseet secured some initial financing for the asteroid science mission.

We met in Uppsala to discuss how to proceed. We came up with some great ideas. Our goal is to amaze SNSA of how much we will be able to achieve with the funding they got. Our aim, to make sure they get more bang for their buck than they ever got before.

YES – First order placed!

Seldom have I been so enthusiastic about spending Money, however, this feels like a tangible step towards the spacecraft we are building. I visited TY-Space again, and we signed a purchase order of their great Startracker. It feels like an awesome piece of spaceware. Not only has it superior Startrack performance (for its size) but it can also detect our space debris.

I got so excited that we bought a fine sun sensor version of it as well, which also will act as camera/space debris finder. It was litteraly one night in Beijing, and that night I did not sleep much at all. It was a very intense and great trip.

Thanks , TY-Space for your hospitality, and really looking forward to working together in meeting the scrap in space.

Ericsson visiting the garage

You remember that remarkable piece of hardware, the deep space X-band transponder? Well, part of the team was here today to look at the clean room and our mock-up.
Now, with the LEO launch, we all have a very sharp deadline to focus on. My, myself, I need a sharp deadline to get anything done. The tighter the deadline the more efficient I become.
However, in a group exercise, as this is, building and managing a spacecraft and all, the tight timetable is a little unsettling.
Can we get the frequency allocation, then we will shoot for launch end of August.

Free launch to MEO!!!

When leaving for Europe, Dr. Yu congratulated us on the free launch to MEO. I was unsure what he ment, but apparently CNSA had agreed to support our asteroid mission with a free launch to MEO. It is dependent on an agreement between the countries both space agencies, but, hey, that is incredible news. With this we are up and running again.
Free LEO launch and a shot at the Free MEO launch for the asteroid mission. Who could wish for more.

After symposium beer

I must say that this has been a totally terrific symposium. I met so many interesting, fun and smart people. I also met TY space, supporting us with the star tracker. I got an update of the specs of the star tracker, and it will help our test mission tremendously.


The contest: 12 finalists, 15 minutes to present and then 5 for questions. They already have all the documentations we sent in during the summer. Now I feel stupid that I did not put more effort into the summer papers already submitted. 10 judges from all over the world.I drew the 11th presentation slot. I will present at the end of the day. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Presentation, so nervous, I am never nervous, but that rule does not count now. I want to win for us.
After my presentation we have dinner with Dr. Yu and Madam Yu from CNSA. Peter and I (mostly Peter) introduce lots of Swedish snaps songs which work perfect with the Chinese schnapps.
In the middle of dinner Dr. Yu gets the result from the competition.
WE WON!! It feels incredible. The recognition from the international cubesat community. The competition of so many great competing missions. And we won.
First prise is a free launch to LEO and a pile of money. The team is just laughing. If this competition were in Europe, they said, the first price would be a T-shirt.

China the 1st International Micro Satellite Symposium

Well, I did not tell you, but in the summer I entered our 3U space craft into an International Cubesat Contest. The name of our project “Meeting the Scrap” (we will be going to space debris, right).
We were selected as one of the 12 finalists, and now I will go on my own to present our contribution. Bringing the mock up, and sitting on the plane putting a presentation together, I feel a little alone. Looking forward to meeting old friends though.

TV documentary

We were asked to participate in a TV documentary. I do not like participating in media or social media at all so Mathias took it upon himself to talk about our mission and our vision of affordable deep space exploration. Looking good, with the spacecraft in the middle of the table.