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Latest Updates

This is what’s going on. If nothing else is stated, updates are written by Per-Erik Atterwall, founder of Beyond Atlas.

High tech simulations

As always we use high tech simulations on our project.

Here we simulate how to make the solar panels always point to the sun using the gimble.

Taking down the mast

Elia, greatly enough, sold us a mast to our ground station for 100 SEK.

A small hassle to take it down and move it, but we will get a great ground station!


So, we have a UHF Groundstation! Team Säffle is manning initial assembly.

We got permission from PTS a month back to operate the ground station. With this, we will be able to command the spacecraft and get telemetry down.

First flat set

Starting to hook up flight hardware to the computer and the internet for remote programming. Stefan and Kritee in hard work. It is the A3200 connected to sun sensors, star tracker, magnitorquer, magnetometer, etc. Things are starting to wake up…. fantastic!


Friday to Sunday – days of getting to know each other, working together, coming up with good ideas! Very good and productive days!


Fantastic piece of equipment!!! The electric propulsion thruster, almost perfectly balanced! This little 900 g thing will propel our spacecraft, changing altitude and inclination to let us approach our target!

Launch contract signed!

Signing cermony in China for the launch to LEO! The price is free, however, they really wanted to have a signing ceremony at a UN event. Very honored. Top space people in the background.

I am the only man without a tie…

First hardware!

First GOM stuff arrived! Yippee!! Do I dare to open? Skyping in Stefan and breaking the seal..

Strategizing with pizza

Strategizing in the garage. Pizza, planning, designing, having a good time! So, we go with GOM for the main stuff.

Crowdfunding is live!

March 1, 2019 – and the crowdfunding is live!

The first mission is called “Meeting the Scrap” – because that is what we will do. We will navigate really close to space debris and take photos of it. This has never been done before!

The mission is of course also a test mission, to test navigation, propulsion, communication and lots of other things. But a very cool test mission – and if you donate you can get unique pictures of space debris, from a spacecraft you made happen.

So if you donate now, you will not only be a part of the asteroid mission – you will – but also of the first Meeting the Scrap mission. Very cool, right?

More info and donations you’ll find here.