The Experts


The advisors

Our advisors have worked on number of space missions. Among them Cassini, Rosetta and BepiColombo. The picture is of SMART-1, ESA's first lunar mission. Project manager was Peter Rathsman.
Dr. Jian Guo

Board member and Theme Leader of TU Delft Space Institute. A space system engineer with a special focus on small satellites. Since 2001, Jian has worked with various micro- and nano-satellite missions including the first Chinese nanosatellite THNS-1 and the Dutch Delfi nanosatellites. He is also an active member of worldwide small satellite communities, such as the IAC SmallSat Committee and the ESA/CNES 4S Committee.

Emil Vinterhav

CTO at ÅAC Microtec. MSc in Engineering Physics at LTH. Emil has been working at leading space companies in many aspects of space technology and engineering since 1999. Emil has promoted space activities on a variety of arenas, teaching at KTH, lobbying thought industry interest organizations and through art projects such as the House on the Moon.

Jan-Erik Wahlund

Ph.D. Space Physics. Professor at IRF. Principal Investigator for the Swedish METAL spacecraft mission to a metallic rich (M-type) asteroid. Project manager and investigator of many payloads on spacecrafts including Cassini, Rosetta and BepiColombo.

Christer Fuglesang

Professor in Spaceflight at KTH, and part-time advisor to Saab. M.Sc. Engineering Physics at KTH. Ph.D. in particle physics. Astronaut and did two spaceflights with the space shuttle Discovery to ISS where he did 5 spacewalks. The former head of ESA science division regarding ISS and zero gravity at ESTEC.

Peter Rathsman

CTO of OHB Sweden. Peter joined SSC in 1983 later OHB. He has a background in satellite systems engineering and project management and has been involved in almost all national satellite projects since the late 1980s. He was also project manager for ESA’s first lunar mission, SMART-1 which used electric propulsion to travel from GTO to lunar orbit.

Olle Norberg

Vice Rector for Space at Luleå University of Technology. Director-General of the Swedish National Space Agency between 2009 and 2018. Ph.D. degree from the Umeå University in Sweden is space plasma physics, having worked on several national, ESA, and international space projects at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics. Between 2001 and 2009 he was Head of Esrange Space Center, a center for satellite operations as well as sounding rocket and stratospheric balloon launchings.

The operational team

Our operational team have experience from several space missions, including satellite MATS, with planned launch in 2019.
Robin Lilja

M.Sc. Robotics Engineering, MDH. Joined OHB Sweden in 2012 as a spacecraft systems engineer. Currently working as systems engineer of InnoSat/MATS and Beyond Atlas.

Robin Larsson

AOCS Specialist, M. Sc. Engineering Physics at KTH. Robin joined SSC in later to OHB. Experience from AOCS development in the satellites: PRISMA, SmallGEO, Electra, and InnoSat. During the PRISMA mission, Robin was responsible for the demonstration of Satellite Autonomous Formation Flying and Proximity Experiments, which included development, implementation, testing as well as execution in orbit.

Milan Battelino

M.Sc in Astronomy. OHB Sweden. Software engineering on RAMSES (Ground Control System) and AOCS Simulator for Solar Orbiter. Mission analysis for several missions. Mission control and astronomy planning for the satellite Odin.

Stefan Vesterlund

Space enthusiastic handyman. Worked with airworthiness certification and system engineering for special-mission aircrafts and helicopters. Educated in Space Mission Design and Operations.

Mathias Sundin

Mathias is Executive Chairman of the Warp Institute and leads the crowdfunding effort.
He is a former Member of Parliament and Deputy Mayor. Mentor and jury member at the XPRIZE Visioneers. Member of the World Frontiers Forum at Harvard & MIT.