The World’s First

Private mission to an Asteroid

We will build a cheap and reliable spacecraft to explore the solar system and find the resources to make it possible for humans to live in space.

Watch the 2 minute video of the mission.

Our goal: Explore the solar system.

With our cheap and reliable spacecraft, we will open a door to more exploration of the solar system. If humans are to live in space, it’s not possible to bring all the resources from Earth. We must find them in space. But then it must be much cheaper to explore deep space. With the Beyond Atlas spacecraft, access to deep space will improve dramatically.

The mission: Earth’s mini Moon.

Earth has a second Moon, a mini Moon. It’s really an asteroid, 2016OH3, in orbit around the Sun, but also around Earth. Beyond Atlas will build a spacecraft to explore it. And we hope to give it a better name.

Mission 1

A small, 3U, spacecraft to try propulsion, navigation, communication and also get really close and photograph space debris. Launch Q4 2019.

Mission 2

A larger,12U, spacecraft launched into Medium Earth Orbit and use electric propulsion to escape Earth’s gravity, and fly to our target. Perhaps we will swing by the real Moon on the way if timing allows it.


We will together crowdfund Beyond Atlas’ both missions. The crowdfunding will open again in 2021.

  • The total cost of both missions: $3 million.



We have a team of experts who have done these kinds of things before.


In cooperation with the Warp Institute, we are building a global space community. Our first joint task will be to crowdfund the first two missions of Beyond Atlas.

To do this we need you. You’ll get unique insight in the missions, you will be part of space history and you’ll help humanity become multiplanetary.

Together we can make history.


Latest Updates

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